According to Martin Armstrong on an interview with King World News

“Since World War II these countries have been borrowing and politicians have been promising things to their people.  If you would have asked them, ‘How are you going to pay for this?’  They would have responded, ‘It doesn’t matter because somebody will 25 years down the road.’  Well, now we’re at that point. Everything is falling apart and the politicians will not address it because it means having to change the system and that’s what they do not want to do.”

he continues…

“The way it’s going, eventually 100% of everything the government spends will go to interest and then how is it going to function?  This is a classic, historical moment.  I don’t want to get people scared because I don’t think we will get to that point, but this is like the fall of Rome.  That’s how serious things are.”

When asked about gold, Armstrong responded, “Basically what you are doing is you are building a sideways type of base.  Eventually gold is going to take off to the upside, but largely when people begin to see the Emperor has no clothes and we’re getting close to that.  I would only give it a few more months.”