Democracy in Europe, Not


The Independent

Just this week we had Italy and Greece replace their governments with Technocrats. Unelected Bankers in charge and now Ireland it has been reported in the Irish Independent, has been forced to deny it has allowed Germany to inspect the detail of plans to save €3.8bn in the upcoming budget. The article goes on to say

“Taoiseach Enda Kenny met Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin yesterday after which the Reuters news agency reported to have seen a document presented to the budget committee of the German lower house of parliament yesterday which highlighted an increase in the top VAT rate by 2pc to 23pc – it is expected to generate €670m.

 The IMF/EU memo has also given a few other specifics expected in the budget – a property levy in the form of a flat rate €100 household charge to bring in €160m and carbon tax increased by €5 per tonne earning €108m.

It is understood that officials in Dublin believe the German parliamentary budget committee was examining plans on the back of increased powers the Bundestag was given by a Constitutional Court in September to decide on eurozone bailouts.”


 So much for democracy 😦


Euro crisis summed up brilliantly


they have a German pope and an Italian central banker.”

Check out interview(on BBC) with Kyle Bass. Can be found on ZeroHedge in which he sums up the Euro crisis.

US debt above $15 trillion


Yes folks, the US debt has officially gone above $15 trillion dollars. And thats just the stuff they admit to. Whats off the books ?

Silver Bears – Part 8


Don’t you just love our little buddies. Can’t wait for part 9 already 🙂


Source in Dept. of Homeland security syay all out war to get physical metals is on. They don’t care about currencies or bonds.

European gold is hel in New Yeork Fed.

IMF is gearing up for paper war on metal and plan to manipulate market with SDRs.

Paper price is irrelevant.

Central Banks are fighting themselves for the last ounces of gold, then prepare for violence.


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