As reported on Russia Today (, the Dutch prime minister worried but its rising costs has propsed a new euro.

“The worst day yet for the euro” is how one banker called news that the Netherlands, considered the second-strongest economy in the single currency, has seen its borrowing costs raised by the markets to new highs.

The Dutch prime minister was forced to react, on concerns the debt problem is spiraling out of control.

Premier Mark Rutte has said he would like to be able to push countries out of the euro, to put out the fire as he called it. This is raising fears that states will be forced to leave the single currency in order to stop this crisis spreading.

The new Northern Euro is to be called the Neuro

Neither Greece nor France has a place in the “Neuro”, a new Northern Euro only for prudent states proposed by a top Dutch ruling party official last week. Experts think just three countries actually deserve to stay in.

According to economist Ivan Van De Cloot “Only Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium can share the same currency without having economic costs.”

The Netherlands currently pays more per person into the EU coffers than anyone else. But growing numbers now say “Nee” to going Dutch with their southern neighbors.