When someone as big as MF Global then somebody is bound to know its going to happen. It’s just a case of who the choose to inform or not.

In the San Francisco Chronicle

Nov. 16 (Bloomberg) — Examiners from CME Group Inc., the world’s largest futures exchange, found unexplained wire transfers at MF Global Inc. and a $900 million shortfall in client funds during the weekend the failing broker was talking with possible buyers, a person briefed on the matter said.

CME, which was the overseer of MF Global, noticed the shortfall by Oct. 30 — about a day before U.S. regulators said they were told of the missing funds and the broker filed for bankruptcy protection, according to the person, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the review isn’t public.

the key sentence
Transfers at MF Global were made “in a manner that may have been designed to avoid detection,” CME said in the statement.
Also reported in the Huffington Post was another related article about the Koch Brothers who managed to pull out just in time.
A recent report in Reuters has described the billions of dollars of client accounts that were withdrawn from MF Global in the last few weeks before their collapse, including 8 accounts from Koch industries engaged in oil trade that were transferred to Mizuho Securities after years of a steady and profitable relationship with MF.
Both the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange were charged with overseeing MF Global, their clearing member. If we are to believe them, they had no idea of any difficulties within the firm before customer accounts went missing just a few days before the collapse. But someone clearly knew of the cratering positions and imminent collapse of MF Global, as billions of dollars of accounts were “coincidentally” withdrawn. And what do the Koch brothers say was the reason for these withdrawals? There’s been no comment.
Well you know what they say ” …it’s not what you know but who……”   😉