So for the hard sell to the German public, we will refer to them as Stability Bonds. Yeah that will make all the difference 😉

A cunning ruse from EU Commisioner Olli Rehn– to try and win round a sceptical German public, he has renamed “eurobonds” – debt which would be issued jointly by all 17 nations using the euro rather than by Greece, Germany etc individually – as …

… “stability bonds”.

The European Commission is very keen on the jointly-issued bonds as a way of drawing a line under the eurozone debt crisis – because more heavily indebted nations would be able to borrow under the cloak of strong nations.

However Germany is opposed to the idea, for exactly that reason.

Jean-Claude Juncker, head of the group of eurozone finance ministers, obviously didn’t get the memo from Olli Rehn (see post below) about the name change to “stability bonds” but he had a stab at selling them anyway.