Goldman Sachs Euro Dictatorship

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Irish Central Bank Denies Printing Irish Punt


After Wall Street Journal reported today that the Irish Central Bank was in the process of aquiring additional “accesss to printing capacity”, the Irish Central Bank came out with a denial that it was in the process of printing Irish Punts as RTE reported.

The Central Bank is not in talks with any private printing companies about evaluating the need for additional capacity to produce new currency, RTÉ News understands.

Earlier today, the bank said it was not printing Irish punts and was printing only euro.

The bank said it would not comment on what it described as “speculation” in the Wall Street Journal that it was evaluating whether or not it needed additional access to printing capacity.

In recent weeks the British Chancellor George Osborne said the UK Government had contingency planning in place in the event of the break-up of the euro.

RTÉ News understands that authorities in Ireland have given thought to plans in the event that there is any significant change to the single European currency. But the official position is that remaining within the euro is the only option being actively considered by policymakers, and the Department of Finance has not confirmed nor denied that there are any contingency plans in place.

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