Want a night-shift job and work for free? Well its yours in Tesco in the UK. After the below advert, there was a major backlash from the public over the Government’s “Workfare scheme”. As the UK unemployment rate has soared, Tesco has taken their opportunity to take advantage of cheap labour. The good news is people power is having an affect.

Several high street names, including Waterstones and Sainsbury’s, have already pulled out of the workfare scheme after trade unions branded the use of unpaid workers ‘unfair’.

The GMB said it was ‘essential to maintain the distinction between employment and unemployment’, adding: ‘Employment means getting paid for doing work that the employer needs to be done. There is absolutely no justification for using jobless people to do these jobs and paying them nothing.’

Applicants for the unpaid jobs are paid the standard rates of Jobseekers’ Allowance – £53.45 a week for under-25s, £67.50 for older staff. If they refuse to complete the work they risk losing their benefits.


It gets better. If you think the UK Government had contempt only for the unemployed, check out the plans they had for the sick and disabled.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that up to 300,000 long-term sick and disabled could be forced into unpaid work under plans drawn up by the Department for Work and Pensions.

But the proposals have been met with criticism from charities and mental health experts who suggest forcing people to do even a limited amount of work could be detrimental to their health, the Guardian reports.