U.S Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner Arrested

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I must apologise for this post. It has come to my attention that the clip below was posted in January 2010. Check out the comment section and you will see the original post date of the clip. This story has appeared all over the Internet and doesn’t appear to be accurate.


U.S Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was arrested last week according to reports on Fox News for his role in AIG fiasco while in charge of NY Fed.


Ireland To Vote On Staying In Euro

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The Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Enda Kenny confirmed yesterday that the question in Ireland’s upcoming referendum will be on whether Ireland wishes to remain in the euro. Finally a solution lies up ahead, but will the Irish electorate suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. Will EU propaganda and scare mongering win the day as twice before Ireland rejected the EU only to be told democratically to vote again after the media and politicians went on a joint charm and scare offensive.

TAOISEACH Enda Kenny claimed yesterday the central question in the upcoming EU fiscal treaty referendum will be whether or not the country wants to remain in the eurozone.

Mr Kenny also repeatedly refused to rule out holding a second referendum on the tough new rules, which will give the EU more control over our budgets to prevent over-spending, although he did point to the tight timescale of the end of this year.

“The public will be focusing on the question that will be on the paper — do they want to be part of the European community and the euro and the eurozone, from now on, or do they not wish to be,” he said in response to a question from Raidio na Gaeltachta.

Mr Kenny’s comments follow Finance Minister Michael Noonan describing the referendum as a vote on whether Ireland wanted to be in or out of the eurozone.

The Taoiseach warned about Ireland’s future in the EU in the forthcoming referendum.

This next sentenace is my personal favourite from the article as we were told the exact same before the Lisbon Treaty. We ended up with massive unemployment, no stability and the opposite of growth. More of the same 😉

Mr Kenny said he was confident the referendum would be passed as it was about Ireland’s future, jobs, stability and a growth agenda.

Oh, and the EUSSR rares it head again in the next sentenace

Mr Kenny also repeatedly refused to rule out holding a second referendum

Source: Irish Independent

IMF To Target The Irish Old Age Pensioners

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In the last month alone, the Irish people have been told that the state assets are to stripped and sold off and now the IMF are pushing for cuts to the pensioners. The IMF doesn’t like them getting free travel and free TV amongst other allowances and wants these universal benefits stripped from them. Many of these same pensioners had endured emigration or 60% tax rate in the 1980s when the economy was a basket case and are now being asked to endure more hardship after mishandling of the economy by politicians and reckless banking.

Pensions, free travel and medical cards for the over-70s are being targeted for new cuts.

The International Monetary Fund now has pensioners in its sights as it believes they have largely escaped the effects of austerity.

The key provider of our bailout cash has told the Government to look at saving money by scrapping some free schemes for the elderly.

It warns that these benefits are wasteful because they benefit rich and poor alike.

Among the schemes are cheap electricity, gas and television licences, plus free travel passes and medical cards.

The proposals carry all the more weight because they are in a report that accompanied the IMF’s latest €3.2bn tranche of bailout cash released to the Government this week.


But Finance Minister Michael Noonan must still save billions in the next three Budgets even if the economy grows as quickly as the Government hopes.

Free television licences, cheap electricity and phone calls, different tax rates and free health care for the over-70s are just some of the benefits that are rarely enjoyed elsewhere.

I like the next paragraph most from the article. It almost implies that the IMF wants to create poverty. Surely that can’t be true 😉 Funny how on the one hand the IMF has admitted that austerity doesn’t work and still trots this shit out.

The IMF admits that our relatively generous pensions and social welfare benefits have helped prevent poverty since the economy collapsed. The poverty rate has remained relatively flat since the bust thanks to little changed pensions, child benefits, mortgage and rent allowances and medical cards.

Now if you read the full article from the Irish Independent you will read rightfully that the Irish social welfare system payments are generous. While this is true, just about everything paid out comes back in directly through taxes, vat and stealth taxes. But the reason why these payments are high is really as a result of a combination of things. Most Irish people were left with massively high mortgages. Ireland has extremely shit services. Stealth taxes are very high. Health service is bad and getting worse. Most people have private health insurance so the health minister uses this to subsidize the health service by increasing the costs on to the private health insurance companies who use the same hospitals and consultants as the public sector. For instance, the public hospitals charge the insurance companies over €1,000 per bed per day. They also insist you stay a day or two longer that you need so they get more money from health insurance companies. 

Funny thing is, the Irish choose to traditionally pay low taxes and put up with shit services as a consequence. Now they will end up with high taxes and shit services.  

And what else have they got to look forward to

“Older people are very, very worried. They are looking at the introduction of the household charge, water charges and there is nothing they can do because they are on a fixed income,” he added. He said pensioners must now pay the universal social charge, have lost their Christmas bonus payment, and get less free electricity.

He added that there had been a reduction in medical card cover for dentistry, an increase in VAT, and an increase in DIRT tax on savings.

Source: Irish Independent

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