Netanyahu had struggled to get approval for an attack on Iran and has finally got his way. Lets be honest, it was only a matter of time as the MSM and many US politicians have been beating those war drums. As ZeroHedge has reported, shortly after the announcement from NRG, Brent Crude went up to $126 per barrel as a sign of things to come. If this story is correct, its hard to see why Netanyahu would get approval unless he definite with going ahead with the attack. 

Of course a unilateral unprovoked attack is an act of war and illegal, but that’s nothing new for Israel 😉 They make up their own rules.

According to Israel’s NRG, in a just completed cabinetvote, for the first time Netanyahu has gotten a majority (8 over 6) supporting an Iran attack. NRG also notes that at this point Israel has decided to not wait until the US elections in November before proceeding with sending crude to the stratosphere. From NRG (google translated): “Israeli political sources believe that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a majority Cabinet support Israeli military action against Iran without American approval….He announced that he would not hesitate to perform the operation without the approval of President Obama mentioned the precedent of the decision to attack the Iraqi reactor, Prime Minister Menachem Begin, and with the comments heard yesterday some cabinet ministers say privately that “It sounds like a speech preparation for attack.” Political – Security Cabinet 14 ministers. According to estimates, at this  stage tend to support Netanyahu and
Barak’s approach eight ministers, and six against it
(including the traditional opponents octet: Moshe Ya’alon, Dan Meridor, Benny Begin and Eli Yishai).

Strange coincidence that the US are moving in more air craft carriers into the gulf just at this time. Included in this is the USS Enterprise which is due in the next few days. Hey, isn’t that the one that’s 50 years old and due to be decommissioned next year. Wouldn’t it be convenient if Iran was to be blamed for an “attack” on this on the USS Enterprise.  Then it would be easier for US and Israel to sell an attack to its people. Sorry thats the cynic in me. See Gulf Of Tonkin excuse for Vietnam War, or Lavon Affair.