Quite a staggering amount, but ZeroHedge have calculated Germany’s debt/GDP at 139.8% when you factor in all its commitments. Eurostat deliberately leaves out certain information to help paint a brighter picture but the following breadown was uncovered by ZeroHedges digging.



German Gross Domestic Product (GDP):                                   $3.2 trillion

Official German Sovereign Debt:                                               $2.618 trillion

Percentage of Liabilities at the European Union:                                27%

Percentage of Liabilities at the ECB                                                       18.94%

Germany’s Percentage of the ECB Debt ($4 trillion)                          $757.6 billion

German annual cost for the EU budget                                                 $46.36 billion

German Guarantees for the Stabilization Funds                                $280.6 billion

German Guarantees for the Macro Financial Assistance Fund      $211.14 billion

German Target-2 Liabilities                                                                   $656 billion

German Guarantee for the EIB Debt                                                    $157.29 billion

Sovereign Guarantee for KFW                                                               $588 billion

Total German Sovereign Debt & Guarantees                                     $5.315 trillion

Official debt to GDP Ratio                                                             81.8%

Actual German Debt to GDP Ratio                                            139.8%