Ben Gilroy of People for Economic Justice served papers on the Irish Government over its handling of bank debt.

On Tuesday 27th March Ben Gilroy, John Squires and ‘People for Economic Justice’ served a summons on the Irish government to answer charges of illegal activity over the bank bailout. The bailout is illegal under Bunreacht Na hEireann, the Irish Constitution.
It is also illegal under international law.
An injunction was applied for to prevent the payment of a €3.1 billion euro Anglo bond due to be paid this Saturday 31st March 2012.
The judge has given two weeks for the State to respond.

These debts were taken on without the consent of the Irish people and were not taken on for the benefit for the Irish people(odious debt).

Under International Law  the doctrine of Odious Debt applies to the case in Ireland and this debt does not have to be repayed. Normally this is adjudicated either in New York or UK using Domestic Agency Law). In this case the agent (Irish Government) must act in the interest of the principal(Irish people) otherwise the Irish government is breaking the law. Of course taking on Anglo Irish Bank’s debt certainly was not in the interest of the Irish people since it really only loaned to developers. Anyone who aids (ie the banks) the agent in defrauding the principal is also guilty of a crime.