Although Greece is a little further down the road to ruin than the rest of us, there are things that we can learn from them in the fight back 😉 and how to cope. Currently in Greece is a movement called ALANYA which stands for Members of the Solidarity, Disobedience and Resistance. Their last move is to close lanes on the motorway and wave people through the remaining ones without paying. They also arrange for free travel on the trains by covering the ticket stations. Why not when you know the revenue is simply going to bankers to cover odious debt.

The road they chose is in private hands, sold off after the Greek people had already paid for it.

The day before, the government announced plans to imprison people for three to six months if they open the toll booths. The group said that they would continue the actions when the bill becomes law, and are prepared to go to prison to stop the rich making profits out of what should be public services. They also said that the government’s response shows how effective actions like this are- in the past year, 50 million euros worth of toll charges has gone uncollected .

source: ReelNews