The Irish Government setup many years ago a Referendum Commission whose task it was to impartially outline what each referendum was about. It unfortunately has fielded criticism in the past including referendum on Lisbon Treaty for taking a pro-government stance.  It appears again, that the Referendum Commission has faced further claims from MEP Paul Murphy of inaccuracies in the booklet that is being sent out to all the households in Ireland.

In the booklet, it is claimed that Ireland cannot access the ESM if it votes NO which is not true. The fact is, Ireland has not ratified ESM and can veto the “blackmail clause” (long been suspected that the Irish Government put it in to force a YES vote).

Socialist Party MEP for Dublin Paul Murphy has written to the Referendum Commission claiming their advisory booklet contains inaccuracies. Murphy says that the booklet’s claim that access to the European Stability Mechanism would be unavailable if there was a No vote in the Fiscal Treaty referendum is wrong. Murphy’s statement and letter to the Referendum Commission is below the fold.

MEP writes to Referendum Commission seeking correction of inaccurate ESM claims in booklet

  • Irish state still has power to threaten veto over ESM to demand withdrawal of connection beween ESM and Austerity Treaty
  • Commission booklet is prejudging a political decision yet to be made

“I have written to the Chair of the Referendum Commission, Judge Kevin Feeney, this morning to bring to his attention an inaccuracy in the booklet issued by the Commission. The booklet states that ‘any future bail-out could not involve access to this particular source of funding.’ The source of funding referred to is the European Stability Mechanism.

“This is inaccurate and represents a prejudging of a political decision that has yet to be taken. The Oireachtas has not yet voted on the ESM, nor on the amendment of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union necessary to give a legal basis for the ESM. This means that the threat of a veto could still be used to demand the withdrawal of the ‘blackmail clause’ which creates the connection between the ESM Treaty and the Austerity Treaty.

“It is vital that people have access to the accurate information about this important question. I have asked for this inaccuracy to be corrected on the Referendum Commission’s website and in the booklet.”

Click here to see full letter MEP Paul Murphy sent to the Referendum Commission.