Never let a good crisis go to waste or was the crisis engineered in the first place. A monetary union was always going to end in disaster especially when you factor in a one size fit all interest rate and then finally docile rating agencies suddenly doing their jobs.

Appetiser cost of Greek exit is €155bn for Germany, France: trillions for meat course … These are upper bounds, but even in the case of a partial default, the losses would be huge … This nonsense can of course be stopped in ten minutes if the EU: 1) announces that it will equip itself with a real central bank (a lender of last resort) that takes all risk of sovereign default off the table — with conviction and overwhelming force, with no ifs and buts, and no ambushes from the Bundesbank. 2) announces EMU debt-pooling, fiscal union, a joint EMU budget and tax system, and an EMU government as a counterpart for the enhanced the ECB … Yes, this means rewriting the German constitution, and in effect means the abolition of Germany as a functioning sovereign nation. – UK Telegraph (5/16/12)

Analysis: Lagarde’s next battle at IMF: power shift … When Lagarde passed around the hat among finance ministers last week to raise funds to contain the euro zone’s debt crisis, China, India, Brazil and Russia said they would be part of the effort but chose not to announce each of their contributions until a June summit of the Group of 20 leading economies. Europe may have to yield something in return. The crisis in Europe and a fragile recovery from recession in the United States has hastened the shift in world economic power towards the emerging markets, and they want their growing heft to be reflected in finance institutions like the IMF. – Reuters (4/23/2012)

The trap created by the old men who run Europe – and want to run the world – is about to close.

Either the EU turns into a “real country” or chaos, starvation and depression shall result. This is what they want us to understand anyway.

We can see the choices spelled out quite clearly in the above articles. In the first one, we see that the EU must create a real central bank, a real tax system, a real budget … a real government, in fact, or there will be overwhelming chaos and “anarchy.”

The second article, above, reveals a still-larger elite strategy – which is apparently to gradually bankrupt the West while raising up the developing world.

Given what may be an upcoming worldwide depression, all parts of the globe shall likely suffer equally. But nonetheless, it is the plan over time of those who run globalist facilities such as the IMF to use various economic crises as a way to continually centralize power and authority.

Europe and America have not recovered from the “crisis” of 2008, nor shall they, probably, for years. The global misalignment of resources, businesses and money remains in force. The top elites have refused to put their failing banks out of business and the world cannot recover until this biggest-bubble-ever has been lanced.

The elites know this, but they provide, nonetheless, a different rhetoric. There are companies that are “too big to fail” they explain. This almost guarantees there will be no recovery in the short term. It continues to be impossible to know which companies are healthy and which are not.

In fact … the global elites likely want – seek and crave – a global depression. They seek global governance; a global money; a global central bank.

This was surely the plan all along. The EU was built up through subterfuge and trickery – and its current situation was carefully planned as well. No, it is no accident.

There were very few central banks at the beginning of the 20th century – today there are something like 150. The world’s economy is perpetually unstable.

Central bank monopoly printing of money gives rise to booms and then busts. During the bust phase, those who control central banking amass greater and greater power.

Put a region, a polity – a presumptive country – into play and let the central banking power-mechanism grind it up. Sooner or later the centralizing elements shall win out as monopoly fiat money bankrupts those who wish to resist, or have different ideas.

Monopoly paper money is merciless. The elites know they simply need to wait. And they do.

The EU was sold as a trade union, but it was no such thing. All along it was planned to be a fully functioning state with a flag, an anthem and an army. Brussels is to be the head of this new nation and the scheme is to rule by regulatory fiat.

This is actually a blueprint for other unions around the world. There is an Asian Union, as well, an African Union and a South American Union. Some are more advanced than others.

There is also a plan to build a “North American Union” constructed of Mexico, Canada and the United States. This has been denied by the powers-that-be – but then they denied plans for a EU super state as well.

Now the trap is closing. The calls by the bought-and-paid-for media for a “real” super state are growing stronger. Alternatively, it is said there will be chaos, panic, bank-runs, devaluations, starvation and anarchy.

This is the dialectic as the elites wish to frame it. But it is a false one.

There will likely be chaos no matter what. It is the preferred tool. If Greece leaves the EU, then the resultant financial and banking ruin shall be used as justification for further centralizations of power within the EU and IMF.

If Greece remains in the Union, the chaos that results will also be used as a methodology of centralization. Either way, the powers-that-be plan to use chaos to consolidate more power for world government.

Here’s hoping the average Europeans see the trap for what it is. Chaos there will be, but the antidote is not a stronger European Union but a weaker one.

And the antidote is not a stronger (if smaller) euro but the removal of the currency entirely.

And the antidote is not a stronger, regnant IMF but a reduction in its powers in Europe and around the world.

This is the TRUE choice. It is not between economic chaos and stronger EU/globalist facilities (as the globalist elites wish to frame it) but between further authoritarianism and freedom.

Let us hope the Internet, a tool that has increasingly shown us the Way the World Really Works helps expose this elite dialectic. Let us hope the increasingly tortured masses of Europe fully realize their manipulation and make a better choice.

In fact, there is only one choice. Throw off the European Union and its euro and regain sovereignty. That would be a start.