After Robert Zoellick issued his warning, George Soros had to get in on the act. His full speech can be found on his website but ZeroHedge did a great analysis of it.

although Soros said

Germany and its central bank are unlikely to lead the way out of the euro zone debt crisis within three months time, after which it will be too late, U.S. billionaire George Soros said on Saturday.


Soros said he expected Greek elections in June to produce a government willing to stick by the current bailout agreements, but which would find it impossible to do so.

ZH replied with

We disagree: the next Greek elections will be merely a rerun of the first – lots of sound and fury, signifying no government, as the country becomes the next Belgium (as we noted here before the outcome of the first election was even known), ends up an anarchy state, without a government, as what little money the Treasury has goes to pay English-law bondholders, until finally there is nothing left. But that is neither here nor there, because at this point it is not about Greece any more:

But both Soros and ZH  agree on 3 months timeline.

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