“Nothing to see here Guv, move along”. That was pretty much Michael Noonan’s response when asked what the hell was he doing at a Bilderberg meeting at the start of the month. The questions were put to the Finance Minister in a Dail (Irish Parliment) session. His response can be found on the Dail website from 12 June 2012.

I attended the Bilderberg meeting in Westfield Marriot, Chantilly, Virginia, USA, from 1 to 3 June 2012. I, like a number of my European colleagues (both Ministers and EU Commissioners), was invited to attend given my position as Minister for Finance. I travelled alone and the total cost associated with my travel and accommodation came to €4,358.33. For further information, I would point Deputies to the Bilderberg Meetings website (www.bilderbergmeetings.org), which includes information on the organisation’s governance, steering committee, meetings and associated press releases. At this meeting and its workshops I took the opportunity to set out to my fellow attendees the opportunities that exist in Ireland for investors and multinational companies. I also outlined the significant progress Ireland is making in restoring stability and growth to the economy.

The Government is focussed on encouraging as much investment as possible into Ireland and over recent months we have seen the strong level of inward investment in our economy and have seen the announcement of over 1,000 jobs per month from Foreign Direct Investment so far this year. I would point out to Deputies that a number of the business attendees represent companies which have very significant investments in Ireland that support thousands of Irish jobs.

The Bilderberg (steering committee for the worlds ruling elites), I’m sure would have no interest in a sarcastic fat Irish ex school teacher giving them an update on the economy. I could give them that update (we’re fucked) ;-). Sorry Michael, but you do have a track record for bending the truth. He joins a long list of people from his own party Fine Gael who have attended meetings including Peter Sutherland, Dermot Gleeson, Paul Gallagher, Garett Fitzgerald and Michael McDowell (yes originally in the Fine Gael party).

Go on Michael, what were you really there for ???? Why is there no transparency?

In an attempt to play down the conspiracy theories around Bilderberg, in Ireland the Irish Times newspaper wrote a small article explaining that Michael Noonan simply attended a 3 day conference. Quite significant was the fact that up until this point, the MSM in Ireland had appeared to have a blanket ban on discussing all things Bilderberg.

For further background, listen to following clip from BBC including how they created all major european institutions.

Source: OireachtasDebates, Irish Times, Wikipedia, UCD