David McWilliams explains the ails of the World Economy through Punk Economics5. The key points are as follows

  1. Slowdown in china,
  2. Fading recover in the US
  3. Euro crisis
  • Chineese slashed rates and are panicking, they are under pressure to deliver growth for their people.
  • US employment recovery is fading and all indicators are down
  • After EU summit, Spanish yields > 7%.
  • Germany Vs the Rest, either they pay or euro collapses.
  • Most of europe is unable to compete with Germany and never will.
  • Merkel has an election next year and is more likely to put Germany first before Europe.
  • Debt deal will most likely fall apart followed by the markets attacking on the sovereigns.
  • France is the weak link.
  • The debt deal collapse will follow the path of 1944.

=> Spain & Italy to be locked out of the markets. Then pressure on France.

Germany to abandon Italy & Spain to save France (in compromise with German electorate)