Poll: Most Germans Want To Leave Euro

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It’s a story that will put further pressure on Merkel and may eventually provide a clue to what may happen. PressTV is reporting that over 50% of Germans now want to leave the euro but that should come as no surprise.

Most Germans think their country’s economic conditions would improve if Europe’s top economy leaves the 17-member debt-stricken eurozone, a poll suggests.

The Emnid poll for the Bild am Sonntag weekly showed 51 percent of Germans believed their country would be better off without Europe’s single currency, AFP reported on Sunday.As recently as last month, German finance ministry said it feared the country could face a significant economic slump in the event of a eurozone breakup.

The June 24 report in Spiegel news weekly suggested that German economy could contract up to 10 percent in the first year after the currency bloc break up, while unemployment could jump to more than five million people.

Various eurozone’s member states have been struggling with deep economic stagnancy since the bloc’s financial crisis began roughly five years ago.
Rising unemployment in Germany signals that even Europe’s biggest economy is not immune to the economic crisis in the eurozone and cannot be depended on to prop up growth.

Source: PressTV


UK: Fancy Working 6 Months For Nothing?

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Some might agree with making people on the dole work for their money but where do you draw the line? The story in the UK is getting worse on this subject and here is the latest. Where does it led to, modern-day slavery? More importantly who benefits?

A thinktank has warned that the British government’s project to tackle long-term unemployment may prove to be a great failure as it involves six months of unpaid work.

The thinktank refers to a new government work scheme being issued across Britain, where up to a million people will be forced to do unpaid work for six months otherwise their benefits will be stopped.

Under the Department for Work and Pensions community action programme, people who have been claiming jobseeker’s allowance for over three years will be forced to work for six months unpaid, or face the consequences of having their benefits completely cut.

The Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion (CESI) predicted that 1.78 million people will be unable to find work through the British government’s current two-year-long employment scheme even they meet the necessary targets.

There is hope depending on a court case taken by a jobseeker.

Meanwhile, a 41-year-old jobseeker who refused to attend the community action programme is waiting to hear from the high court if he had won a judicial review, as he accuses the programme of promoting “slave labour”.

The British economy is being affected by the Euro crisis and if it continues to decline with the current employment schemes, the number of jobseekers are said to reach 1.06 million.

Source: PressTv

John Williams, ShadowStats: Hyperinflation is Coming

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Interview with John Williams from ShadowStats giving his opinion that Hyperinflation is coming by 2014. His gives a good sumation of where the US is right now and where he sees it going.

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