Nigel Farage (UKip) responds to Barroso’s call for the creation of EUssr Super State. The key points of the speech are below along with the video.






  • Barrosso wants nations states to exist, BUT with no powers.
  • Monstrous Monti said he feared Nation State democracy could bring down the €uro and therefore Monti proposes to bypass Nation State democracy and transfer the powers to the EU.
  • Olie Rehn is trying to get Spain to accept a bailout so it too is trapped in a €uro prison.
  • This could go on for a decade and in the end you will realise that Germany and France can not live in the same €uro.
  • The UK could be the hope for the future as UK voters are calling for a referendum on EU membership.
  • This emerging/creeping dictatorship will repulse millions.