John Williams: Hyperinflation by 2014

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John Williams of gave an interview on usawatchdog regarding his opinion that there will be hyperinflation by 2014.

  • Public awareness to grow in the months.
  • Its a certainty that we will experience hyperinflation.
  • You will see a sell off in dollar followed by spike in oil prices.
  • The Fed’s primary concern is to keep the banking system afloat.
  • $12 trillion in liquid dollar assets held outside the U.S.  Williams says it is only a matter of time before all the Fed money printing will “trigger a sell-off”.
  • Buy gold and silver to protect your purchasing power.

Jim Rickards: Currency Wars

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Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars gives a breakdown of an economic wargame of whats to come.

Bank Cartel Eventually Flip From Short Positions To Naked Long And Propell Gold to $12,400

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Jim Sinclair is undoubtidely are very shrewd investor and his opinion is observed by many. SilverDoctors have posted Jim’s thoughts on the cartel that have been manipulating gold prices. Eventually they will flip to naked long on gold propelling prices.

The legendary Jim Sinclair has sent an email alert to subscribers in response to a reader inquiring why the bullion banks are short gold and silver.
Sinclair responded with his most in-depth explanation to date stating that the majority of what appears to be short positions is in fact a massive hedge spread which has been systematically used to manage the ascent of gold up from $250 and the USDX down from 1.25 over the past 10 years.

Sinclair states that when the bullion banks sense that gold is ready to explode upwards in price in the final bull move of this bull run, they will flip their spread hedge naked long, reaping the largest gains of anyone in the precious metals sector, and propelling gold to $12,400.


click here to read full text from Jim Sinclair at SilverDoctors

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