Would you trust this head to run your country’s finances ?

Its hard not to laugh when the Irish Minster for Finance (Michael Noonan) turns around over the weekend and says

“I’m powerless to tackle bankers’ pay and perks”

especially when you consider the state owns one of the pillar banks and has a stake in the other. This man has a history of lying to the Irish people, as he backtracked on every promise he made before the election.

The Sunday Independent has also learned that 15 of the most senior figures in Anglo Irish Bank from the time of the September 2008 crash are still employed at the institution, on salaries believed to be in excess of €150,000.


Colm Doherty, who was paid €3m for less than 11 months’ work, will receive an annual pension of €300,000 when he turns 65, again paid for with taxpayers’ money. Despite the outcry over what he called the “controversial pensions” paid to Mr Sheehy and the €866,000 salary package paid to Irish Bank Resolution Corporation (formerly Anglo) boss Mike Aynsley last year, Mr Noonan is unable to tackle them because of contractual obligations.


it was also revealed that the former Anglo Irish Bank, which has received more than €34bn of taxpayers’ money to date, is the only defined benefit pension scheme in the country which is fully funded.

You can’t blame Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert for having a laugh at the minister, but as usual, there is no reaction from the sheeple. Get your vaseline ready for the budget 😉

Just change the damn law Noonan, bring in a new 100% tax rate for employees of banks earning over 100k, DO SOMETHING !!! HELLO !!!!

Source: Irish Independent