Paul Craig Roberts (fmr Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration) was warned that the US is heading for a major crash. Some of the points covered from interview on USAWatchdog:

  • Jobs were shipped overseas.
  • Rising taxes and crushing social programs
  • Consumer demand has collapsed.
  • Fed printing trillions in order to buy bad debt as dollar is being devalued.
  • No demand for US debt.
  • Foreign nations will eventually have to dump the dollar.
  • Gold price is manipulated and suppressed via paper gold. Any naked shorts can be backed by endless Fed mony printing.
  • Gold manipulation will continue until the World abandons the dollar.
  • Its cheaper for the BRICS not to use the dollar.
  • Asian countries are discussing using a common currency for trading.
  • When the dollar is dumped you are faced with hyperinflation.