Sinclair – Something Has Western Central Banks Terrified

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Jim Sinclair gave an interview with King World News the state of Western Banks and how the Quadrillion of derivatives will eventually lead to more Cypriot solutions.  Eventually in a couple of years from now people will “realize that gold is for your savings, and currencies are for doing business”.

Eric King:  “Jim, Bloomberg had a story headlining on their site over the weekend claiming that depositors may lose as much as 60% on deposits in Cyprus.”

 Sinclair:  “This is all because of the one quadrillion dollars in derivatives that are in the financial system.  Six years ago the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) at that time reported that the amount of derivatives already outstanding exceeded one quadrillion dollars.  This number is unimaginable to most human beings.

But that is the actual number (over one quadrillion dollars).  They never should have released that number because it created a bit of panic.  Central planners immediately changed the accounting method for derivatives and this appeared to bring the total amount down to under $700 trillion.  So through the use of an accounting gimmick the total was reduced, but it hasn’t changed the frightening reality of what the world is facing….

“But the real size of derivatives outstanding is well over one quadrillion dollars, and something clearly has our central banks terrified right now.  We already know that Bernanke has led the US to significant amounts of QE, and the same is true of euro land.  Maybe they are now looking at what the real cost of the derivatives will be and saying to each other, ‘Nobody can create that much money.’

 What we may be seeing now is the fact that the central banks can no longer make the depositors whole.  They are hitting the wall.  This means that money is absolutely going to look to leave the financial system if indeed the final decision in Cyprus is to take money from deposits.  We will know the answer as to what has truly been decided in Cyprus at some point during the April 13 to April 15 time frame.”


Eric King:  “Jim, what you are saying here is that we are entering another phase where we can expect a dramatic increase in chaos as the one quadrillion dollars in derivatives causes more financial destruction?”


Sinclair:  “Absolutely.  When people say that the Cypriot banks lost because of being in Greek debt, what was one of the Greeks’ greatest sins?  They used over-the-counter derivatives in order to hide the real condition of their balance sheet.

 Depositor money, brokerage money, and clearing house money have been tangled up in the mountain of derivatives as the banks have used this cash to speculate in an attempt to make huge bonuses for bank executives.  Unfortunately, most have lost their ass.  This means that in many cases depositor money has already been wiped out.

 What do you think happens when Buffett reports that he made $10 billion in derivatives?  Somebody else lost $10 billion and it was most likely one financial institution.  There is no question that what we are seeing right now is not isolated to Cyprus.  It has happened everywhere, but is has been camouflaged by making the depositors and the banks whole.  What Cyprus will reveal is that losses do not stop with the bank’s capital.  Losses roar right through bank capital and take depositors’ money. 

 What people don’t realize is that the derivatives, especially the ones created between 1991 and 2007, are never-ending manufacturers of greater size of paper obligations because you have to put these additional items onto the derivative chain as the markets have certain events take place such as a downgrade of debt.  God help us when we have a meaningful downgrade of US debt.

 So, clearly our central banks are now very uncomfortable.  They are worried about something of significant size which has yet to be revealed to the public.  I guarantee you that whatever it is will have to do with the derivatives created between 1991 and 2007.”

 Sinclair also added:  “As money flees the financial system, one of the top items being purchased will be physical gold.  Right now the gold market is engaged in an enormous fight between physical and paper.  But two to three years from today people around the world will come to realize that gold is for your savings, and currencies are for doing business.

 There’s absolutely no question that when it’s confirmed that the depositors’ loss of money is not a tax, not a new way of making things whole, but in fact the actual disaster that the global banking system is currently in, you will have a move toward physical gold greater than anyone on this planet now believes is possible.  We will also witness the beginning of a level of fear and panic not seen in this world since 1929.”

Source: King World News


Iceland Vs Greece

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