EU Toll Patrol To Counter Euro Skepticism

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The EUSSR are launching a troll patrol in preparation for next years Euro elections to counter the growing skepticism within the empire EU. And we thought the USSR was bad 😉

Ireland’s MSM Censoring Economic Reporting

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Why do the main so called “independent” radio stations not allow one of Ireland’s top economists, Constantin Gurdgiev on any of their influential radio shows ? Maybe its because he reports things like Ireland’s true unemployment rate is 22%, things they don’t want getting out.

Remember, its was only in february that Max Keiser had this to say about Irelands state owned tv station PRAVDA RTE

Having said that, what I can tell you is that as bad as the BBC is, RTE of Ireland is completely shambolic and even worse. RTE is truly state sanctioned scum that does nothing but lie to people 24/7.

Keep up the good work Constantin 🙂

Source: @GTCost, trueeconomics

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