Ireland The Corporate Tax Haven

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Despite what Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny says, IRELAND IS A TAX HAVEN how else do you explain the following:

Company Income Tax Paid Rate
Apple €17bn €8m 0.05%
Google €9bn €22.2m 0.25%
Facebook €1bn €3.2m 0.33%

Meanwhile Irish tax payers pay over 50% income tax (income +USC) if earning above €33k. Not only is income tax being increased by stealth (reducing tax credits and increasing numbers paying taxes) but also new taxes are being introduced such as the property tax and water tax. What a sweet deal the big corporates have.


Ireland’s REAL Budget Deficit Worsens

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The Irish Government came out with the tax returns for January and claimed that it was up. This meant that the deficit (jan) from last year was €483.2mln and is now down to €393.7mln. Sounds good.

But what they didn’t say is they delayed the corporation tax payments from December2011  to January. This meant approx $250million extra being slipped in to massage the figures.

When you take this extra €250 mln off (that shouldn’t be there), the budget deficit actually widened to €643.7mln.


Calculations from Constantin Gurdgiev.

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