Some Pigs Are More Equal Than Others

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Our EUSSR masters are handsomely paid. No wonder they are out of touch with reality. With wealth confiscation, high prices, manipulated media, government spin, one would be forgiven for thinking you were living in the USSR. 😉 Looks to be where we are headed.

MEP pay

Irish Finance Minister Michael Noonan A Laughing Stock

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Would you trust this head to run your country’s finances ?

Its hard not to laugh when the Irish Minster for Finance (Michael Noonan) turns around over the weekend and says

“I’m powerless to tackle bankers’ pay and perks”

especially when you consider the state owns one of the pillar banks and has a stake in the other. This man has a history of lying to the Irish people, as he backtracked on every promise he made before the election.

The Sunday Independent has also learned that 15 of the most senior figures in Anglo Irish Bank from the time of the September 2008 crash are still employed at the institution, on salaries believed to be in excess of €150,000.


Colm Doherty, who was paid €3m for less than 11 months’ work, will receive an annual pension of €300,000 when he turns 65, again paid for with taxpayers’ money. Despite the outcry over what he called the “controversial pensions” paid to Mr Sheehy and the €866,000 salary package paid to Irish Bank Resolution Corporation (formerly Anglo) boss Mike Aynsley last year, Mr Noonan is unable to tackle them because of contractual obligations.


it was also revealed that the former Anglo Irish Bank, which has received more than €34bn of taxpayers’ money to date, is the only defined benefit pension scheme in the country which is fully funded.

You can’t blame Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert for having a laugh at the minister, but as usual, there is no reaction from the sheeple. Get your vaseline ready for the budget 😉

Just change the damn law Noonan, bring in a new 100% tax rate for employees of banks earning over 100k, DO SOMETHING !!! HELLO !!!!

Source: Irish Independent

Scranton, PA – Pays All City Employees Minimum Wage

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Another story from the US emerges of a city struggling to pay its bills. Scranton, PA, managed to meet its employees paychecks but just paying them minimum wage. How many more cities will have watched and follow with a similar disturbing move?

The city of Scranton, Pa., sent out paychecks to its employees Friday, like it does every two weeks. But this time the checks were much smaller than usual. Mayor Chris Doherty has reduced everyone’s pay — including his own — to the state’s minimum wage: $7.25 an hour.

Doherty says his city has run out of money.

Scranton has had financial troubles for a couple of decades — the town has been losing population since the end of World War II. But the budget problems became more serious in recent months as the mayor and the city council fought over how to balance the budget.

Doherty wants to raise taxes to fill a $16.8-million gap. The city council wants to take a different approach and borrow money. City council members did not respond to NPR’s requests to discuss the dispute.


After paying workers Friday, the city had only about $5,000 left in the bank. More money flowed into city accounts that day, but it was still not enough to pay the $1 million the city still owes to its nearly 400 employees.

Scranton’s public workers received a few days’ warning this was coming. John Judge, a firefighter and president of the International Association of Firefighters, Local 60, typically receives about $1,500 every two weeks, after deductions. On Friday his check was less than $600 — before deductions.

The city have clearly broken the law, but that wasn’t enough to stop Doherty. When you are broke, you are broke!

The firefighters’ union, along with the police and public works unions, have taken the city to court. Lackawanna County Judge Michael Barrasse issued an injunction, essentially agreeing with the unions that the city was breaking the law, but Doherty says he doesn’t have another choice. Despite the injunction, he had the city send out paychecks based on minimum wage.

The unions plan to be back in court first thing Monday morning to ask the judge to hold Doherty in contempt.

There’s been no love lost between Doherty and the public employee unions because of this battle; they’ve already spent the past decade in a legal dispute over pay that went all the way to the state supreme court. Both sides come to this latest battle with plenty of baggage and hard feelings. But with nearly 400 city workers receiving a fraction of the pay they typically get, pressure is building to resolve the issue soon.


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