How The World Really Works – Four Horsemen Documentary

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Excellent documentary from Four Horsemen of how the world really works.

China To Be Major Gold Trade Center

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It should come as no surprise that China, the world’s largest gold producer and buyer should want to become a major gold trading center. The Wall Street Journal has reported such plans after being briefed by an insider.

China has proposed to broaden trading of precious metals in its local market in order to help China become a “major gold trading centre” (see News).

The Wall Street Journal was briefed about China’s plans by “a person involved with the matter.” The paper reports that “the move could increase liquidity and help Beijing gain stronger pricing power for key commodities like gold”.

China is the largest consumer and now the largest producer of gold in the world and has aspirations to become a major gold trading center on a par with London and New York. China is also the fifth largest holder of gold reserves in the world after the U.S., Germany, France, Italy (see table).

Clearly they have ambitions far beyond a major Gold trading center but as a worlds reserve currency, possibly even THE worlds reserve currency.

Chinese officials have spoken of China’s aspirations to have gold reserves as large as the U.S. in order to help position the yuan or renminbi as a global reserve currency. Indeed, it would be only natural for China to aspire to have their currency become the global reserve currency in the long term.

In the longer term, being a major gold trading center would make China a more powerful financial and economic player and indeed could allow them to influence commodity and other important market prices. Indeed, Reuters reported that becoming a major gold trading center “would boost the country’s clout in setting global prices”.

The journal reports that “Beijing’s tight grip on commodities trading and rigid capital controls are among the obstacles in the way.”

The move is also part of the broader financial reforms that Beijing has launched in recent weeks, loosening some of the restrictions on securities investment and allowing banks to price loans at cheaper rates than in the past, that seek to grant market forces a bigger role in both the economy and the capital market.

The moved proposed by market officials would expand trading of precious metals from designated exchanges to the country’s vast interbank market, according to the person involved. The Shanghai Gold Exchange has released draft rules for such interbank precious metals trading, which will include spot, forward and swap contracts for the commodities, said the person.

Current limitations.

At the moment, producers, consumers and investors can trade only spot and futures contracts in gold and silver on the Shanghai Gold Exchange and the Shanghai Futures Exchange, respectively.

Due to limited membership on the two exchanges, many investors, including banks, aren’t able to directly trade the precious metals on the exchanges.

The draft rules were jointly developed by the Shanghai Gold Exchange, which is the world’s biggest marketplace for spot gold trading, and the China Foreign Exchange Trading System, a central bank subsidiary that oversees onshore currency trading.

Plans are afoot to get around this and expand gold trading.

According to the draft rules, the authorities are aiming to launch the interbank trading on Aug. 31, starting with gold contracts, said the person.

That would make gold the first commodity to trade on the interbank market.

The authorities will introduce a “market maker” system for the planned precious metals trading—the first time the system will be used to trade a commodity on the interbank market—with transactions done on an over-the-counter basis as compared to the exchange-based pricing mechanism.

Market makers are firms that stand ready to buy and sell a product at a publicly quoted price to facilitate trade.

An over-the-counter market would allow investors, in this case banks, to trade in large quantities that far exceed the Shanghai Gold Exchange’s current trading volumes, analysts said.

According to the draft rules, banks are allowed to use the new precious metals contracts in the interbank market for proprietary trading only.

The Shanghai Gold Exchange is inviting banks, mostly members of the exchange, to submit applications to take part in the trading, said the person, who expects most major and midsize banks to participate.

The move to let banks become market makers also shows the authorities’ desire to give such better-established and more sophisticated institutions more power in setting prices for major commodities, a common practice in developed markets, said Jiang Shu, senior precious metals analyst at Industrial Bank Co.

Current restrictions and capital controls remain an obstacle to China becoming major gold trading center and to the renminbi becoming an accepted global reserve currency.

The move by China to expand precious metals trading to their glowingly important and vast interbank market is important and another step towards China becoming an economic power on the world stage and one that will rival European nations and the U.S.

Source: Goldcore

Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price – elites plan to control the world

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Hugo Salinas Price, the Mexican Billionaire gave a very interesting interview on KingWorldNews regarding the elites plan to keep control over the world and of how socialism has destroyed the West. Unfortunately socialism will get worse leading to ration cards. Not a pleasant prospect, but he has laid it out on how we have got to hear basically because of the elites manipulations to hang onto power.

“Eric, the problems we are seeing in the West are not going to be resolved in any positive way.  What we have had in the West, in recent decades, has been the welfare state.  The welfare state is, in my view, what I would call, ‘socialism light.’  We’ve had ‘socialism light’ and now we’re going to transition to full-blown socialism.” 

“This could not be paid for out of taxes:  It had to be financed.  This is what has caused the explosion of debt in the West.  The people who are in power, the elite, do not want to relinquish their power.  They plan to retain it under full-blown socialism for the populations of the West.

This includes all countries that have central banks:  They are going to have to follow suit.  This is a very disturbing fact that is facing humanity.  It means the inevitable decline of industrial civilization, and the inevitable impoverishment of the world’s population.

This means that over time there will be a decline in the number of people on this earth.  That is the rather grim outlook that I see.  So, it’s socialism ahead.  And with that will come more government control and a centrally run economy.  This is inefficient and unproductive, and it will lead to impoverishment.

Nikita Khrushchev, when he came to the United Nations, said, ‘We will bury you’….

“Well, it’s not the USSR that buried us, it’s us burying ourselves, under the rule of our elite, who do not want to give up their control.  The furtherance of their control lies in socialism.

I think this comes from a central idea that has possessed the imagination of the world.  It’s the idea that authority comes from below.  In other words, that authority comes from the people.  This idea of authority from the will of the people is a myth of our civilization.  Excuse me for saying that it’s a myth, but I see that as a fact. 

They stay in power by giving people the illusion that they are in charge through democracy and they keep them happy through social welfare.

I’m just saying that those who control the world know they have to curry the favor of the people.  To do this they went the way of the welfare state, and democracy to give people the fiction they (the people) are in control.  Well, they are not and never have been. 

 We also have fiat money to fund the welfare state.  Then we have entertainment to distract the people.  We also have war to distract the people.  The airplanes bomb people, and the victims are just humans who are expendable.  This is how the elite see things.

 We will continue to see this from the elite, in order to maintain their power.  Remember, socialism impoverishes, it consumes capital, it does not accumulate capital.  So, you will have this de-capitalization that will come with socialism.

When you combine that with the probability that we are at peak oil, as that prime source of energy comes to a point where it begins to decline, you will see a decrease in the population.”

Ration cards are the way of the future.

Hugo Salinas Price also warned: “Italy and Spain have already imposed a limit on cash transactions.  Any transaction above 2,500 euros has to be paid with a credit card.  Now that’s ominous.  It confirms the socialist trend because in socialism you have very little use for money.  Everything is supplied by means of ration cards.

That’s what I see coming, and I see it in the United States as well.  Take, for example, the fact that there are 46.5 million people on food stamps.  You already have the ration card in action there.”

People need to look ahead and protect themselves.

He also added: “For those people who want to protect themselves, they are going to have to take some drastic measures.  They will have to be imaginative in trying to protect themselves in whatever way they can from this onslaught of centralized government.

Everybody should constitute a reserve of something that will function as ‘real’ money because there will be continued abuse of fiat money in order to fund the socialist state.  We will see more limitations on the use of cash, and people need to be prepared for that.”


All The Worlds Gold

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Source: NumberSleuth



Goldman Sachs taking over Europe

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If every there was proof of the bankers taking over Europe now its becoming more clear than ever.



Check out the video from France 24.

Of course there was the video of the trader Alessio Rastani on BBC who said Goldman Sachs rules the world.

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