Euro Crisis Explained

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Clarke and Dawe sum it up 🙂

Austrian Business Cycle Explained

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Economic Collapse For Dummies

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Highly recommend viewing.

EU Bank Scam Explained

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The video below from David McWilliams explains brilliantly how the EU has gotten itself into the position it finds itself and where we are heading. The main points are as follows:

Because a Greek default would have bankrupted European banks the ECB used LTRO to pump money into Banks

Banks (via cash for trash) borrowed at 1% and bought sovereign debt at 6% (making 5% profit)

Germany will gets eurozone in its own image minus Greece(when its dumped out)

Banks continue on until another country breaks down under pressure and crisis starts all over again.





Who Runs Greece – Same Story As Argentina, Brazil, South East Asia

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Same story being repeated as bankers take over soverign nations through complicit politicians. The video below underlines Greece’s Prime Minister’s links to other bankers through the powerful Trilateral Commission.


Bogus U.S. Recovery

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So you thought things were getting better in the US? A hard-hitting lesson from Paul Craig Roberts explains that it’s quite the contrary as the US Government use a method of rigged inflation figures to manipulate the data. Last week the US Bureau of Economic Analysis announced its advance estimate that in the last quarter of 2011 the economy grew at an annual rate of 2.8% in real inflation-adjusted terms, an increase from the annual rate of growth in the third quarter.

What the presstitute media did not tell us is that almost the entire gain In GDP growth was due to “involuntary inventory build-up,” that is, more goods were produced than were sold.

Net of the unsold goods, the annualized real growth rate was eight-tenths of one percent.

And even that tiny growth rate is an exaggeration, because it is deflated with a measure of inflation that understates inflation. The US government’s measure of inflation no longer measures a constant standard of living. Instead, the government’s inflation measure relies on substitution of cheaper goods for those that rise in price. In other words, the government holds the measure of inflation down by measuring a declining standard of living. This permits our rulers to divert cost-of-living-adjustments that should be paid to Social Security recipients to wars of aggression, police state, and banker bailouts.

When the methodology that measures a constant standard of living is used to deflate nominal GDP, the result is a shrinking US economy. It becomes clear that the US economy has had no recovery and has now been in deep recession for four years despite the proclamation by the National Bureau of Economic Research of a recovery based on the rigged official numbers.

The government has given the appearance of growth by manipulating the inflation figures. Checkout John Williams’s ShadowStats website for more info on the real inflation figures.

For example, according to the government’s own data, payroll employment in December 2011 is less than in 2001. Meanwhile, there has been a decade of population growth. The presstitute media calls the alleged economic recovery a “jobless recovery,” which is a contradiction in terms. There can be no recovery without a growth in employment and consumer income.

Real average weekly earnings (deflated by the government’s CPI-W) have never recovered their 1973 peak. Real median household income (deflated by the government’s CPI-U) has not recovered its 2001 peak and is below the 1969 level. If earnings were deflated by the original methodology instead of by the new substitution-based methodology, the picture would be bleaker.

Consumer confidence shows no recovery and is far below the level of a decade ago.
How does an economy recover without a recovery in consumer confidence?

Housing starts have remained flat since 2009 and are below their previous peak.

Retail sales are below the index level of January 2000.

Industrial production remains below the index level of January 2000.

To repeat, the only indicator of economic recovery is the GDP deflated with an understated measure of inflation.

When you pull back the veil, the US economy reveals the real reason for growth over the past few decades, rather like the Wizard being exposed in the “Wizard of Oz”.

The Federal Reserve under Alan Greenspan compensated for the absence of US consumer income growth with a policy of easy credit and a policy of driving up home prices with low interest rates. This policy allowed people to refinance their homes and to spend the inflated equity in their homes that Greenspan’s policy created.

In other words, an increase in consumer indebtedness and dissavings drove the economy in the place of the missing growth in consumer incomes.

Today, consumers are too indebted to borrow, and banks are too insolvent to lend. Therefore, there is no possibility of further debt expansion as a substitute for real income growth. An offshored economy is a dead and exhausted economy.


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